(GROUP/CHURCH) "How to Study the Bible" Course + Workbook

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"How to Study the Bible" is a 20-lesson video course designed to help you better know and love God by abiding in Him through His Word. 

We are called to love God with all of OUR mind, and yet many of us have never really learned how to study God's Word on our own. This course will help you build the foundation for whyyou study and give you the tools you need in order to know howto study.


While "How to Study the Bible" does cover the basics, this course is NOT just for beginners. The course content is rich, and the corresponding workbook pages will deepen your understanding and enrich your learning.


  • GROUP ACCESS via *ONE EMAIL ACCOUNT* to full 20-lesson video course (3+ hours of video content)
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  • Bonus resources for further study
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Welcome Video

Unit 1: Seeds of Truth

  • Lesson 1: Why Study the Bible?
  • Lesson 2: What is the Bible?
  • Lesson 3: Layout of the Bible
  • Lesson 4: Authority of the Bible
  • Lesson 5: Why Memorize Scripture?

Unit 2: Good Soil

  • Lesson 1: Process, Methods, + Format
  • Lesson 2: Preparing the Soil
  • Lesson 3: Repetition Work
  • Lesson 4: Annotating
  • Lesson 5: Background Info
  • Lesson 6: Lettering

Unit 3: Taking Root

  • Lesson 1: Comparing Translations
  • Lesson 2: Doing Word Studies
  • Lesson 3: Cross-Referencing
  • Lesson 4: Paraphrasing + Prayer
  • Lesson 5: Commentaries
  • Lesson 6: Recapping
  • Lesson 7: Reciting + Accountability

Unit 4: Bearing Fruit

  • Lesson 1: Abiding in the Vine
  • Lesson 2: Loving Others


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  • 54 color pages
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  • Cover finish: matte
  • 70lb no-bleed paper

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What if I want to gift this course to someone?

We love this idea! The easiest option would be to purchase a gift card that they can redeem on their own. Separate orders must be placed in order to correctly link each "student" to their course portal. 

How long does the course take?

This course is intended to be completed at your own pace. The videos range in length from around 5 minutes to a little over 20 minutes. Some lessons have just one "Activity Pause" to do in your workbook and others have several.

What happens if I decide the course is not for me?

If this course doesn’t turn out to be what you’d hoped for or expected, we will fully refund your purchase with no questions asked (if requested within a year of that purchase).

What happens when I purchase the course?

You will create an Abidible shopping account to checkout so you can receive your course login information immediately (and mail your workbook if you opted for a spiral-bound one).

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What is "Abidible Cares?"

$5 from the purchase of every course goes into our "Abidible Cares" scholarship program. This program offers the course to select recipients who are unable to purchase the course. (See FAQs)

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